Natural Argan Soap-60g

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Natural soap for face and body with Argan oil is a100% natural, moisturizing, protective and anti-aging product.
Since the Argan soap is mainly composed of Argan oil, it has all the virtues of this natural product.  Due to the fact that it is also rich in essential fatty acids and the antioxidants such as Omega-6 and vitamin E, the Argan soap prevents drying of skin. The soap has exceptional repairing power as it contributes to the regeneration of dermal tissues. The moisturizing effect of this soap has its sole quality which prevents the appearance of wrinkles on skin and has an efficient action against eczema caused by dryness of skin. After couple of applications, the softness and hydrated skin can obviously be observed.

The soap is recommended to be applied on skin followed by regular cleaning as circular movements and rinsing with water.

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