White Clay Mask 200g

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White clay is a natural mineral of the family of phylosillicates. It is composed of hydrated aluminum silicate, known for its healing power. Its lamellar structure gives it very good covering properties. Very soft, white clay is ideal for dry and delicate skin. It is known for its purifying cleansing, decongestant and soothing properties.

White Clay is known for its softening and cleansing qualities, known to promote skin tone, even good for the most sensitive and allergic skins.

White clay regulates the secretion of sebum and tightens pores, so it is the ideal beauty product for oily skin with pimples and blackheads, on which it acts as a very soft peel. It softens, purifies and unclogs the skin, and thus, beautifies the face without harming.
Apply the clay paste on your face and neck using a thick layer brush, leave it for ten minutes followed by rinsing with warm water.

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