Hair botox is a hair treatment that has the same principles as botox for the skin. It is a method of rejuvenating the scalp and hair.
This treatment comes in the form of a product that combines keratin for the hair, but also hyaluronic acid to tone and illuminate the hair. This innovation is a real resurrection for the hair.
It is ideal for repairing and moisturizing the hair in depth. It is not only a method dedicated to smoothing hair (botox smoothes frizz, eliminates the foamy effect, sheathes, shines, repairs while keeping the natural curl even if it facilitates blow-drying or straightening because the hair becomes thermo-active), it provides a real rejuvenation effect.

Traitement de protéine / protein straightening

Protein smoothing is a hair active, coming from unused fabric cuts in factories. Much more than just waste, these scraps allow us to extract the protein that is beneficial to the hair. Softening and moisturizing, this principle is ideal for all types of hair, but will do real miracles on frizzy or afro hair.
Able to moisturize the hair in depth, also smooth from 70% to 100% it depends on the texture of the hair this protein also acts on its structure. However, to take advantage of all its beneficial effects on your hair fibers.

 The Keratin Smoothing Treatment

 The Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides many benefits, including replenishing hair protein, increasing brightness and providing instant smoothness to the hair. This treatment is only available in salons as it must be applied by a professional.
By infusing natural keratin deep into the hair cuticle, we are able to straighten without damaging the hair, unlike chemical straighteners. Keratin straightening improves the quality of the hair and simplifies styling.

Nanoplasty treatment

A last generation treatment, Hair Nanoplasty, is a hair restoration, proven on practice to be an effective smoothing method that gives a healthy appearance.
The procedure is performed with a special composition, which does not contain formaldehyde with chemical and harmful ingredients. With Nanoplasty, there are no sharp odors, burns or discomfort. The product base consists of amino acids and collagen. There may also be wheat proteins, silk proteins, oils or other beneficial additives. Nanoplasty products are maximally saturated with beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless chemical elements that facilitate penetration into the hair and interact at the cellular level (cortex). The formula of this treatment is rich in amino acids which, under the action of temperature, penetrate into the cortex of the hair. Thus, the structure of the hair becomes strong and the nutrients integrate into the hair, healing it from within.

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